Postcard from Brentwood


Acrylic on canvas

101 x 81 cm (40 x 32 in)

Original: Available


Black Edition £150
Collectors Edition £280

Hand Finished Canvas

Original Size Hand Finished Canvas (Limited 100) £700

Size 101 x 81 cm (40 x 32 in) Framing on request

Framed Hand Finished Canvas (Limited 150) £500

Canvas size 51 x 41 cm (40 x 32 in) Frame size 72 x 62 cm


Sizes are approximate


What is Hand Finishing?

What is hand finishing? Essentially, it means that the artist has painted/drawn on top of a print so you have the opportunity to purchase what is really an original work for a fraction of the price of what a conventional original work would usually be. Like A/Ps or P/Ps, there is only a very small number of hand finished editions available (100 of each painting in the original size and 150 in the framed smaller size), so they really are incredibly special. Hand finishing can vary depending on the work. For this series, the entire print has been painted over to add texture and a distinct vibrance. Meaning each number will have a different stroke and feel making it a true original itself.

It is important to remember that the value of hand finishing is not determined by the amount of 'paint' the artist has added, but the care and thought that has gone into this incredibly exclusive micro-edition by JB Evans.

Personally signed and numbered, each new and unique painted print comes with a certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions about any of this hand finished edition please get in touch.