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Here you will find first edition prints and artist proofs of the concept art for the Noah series.

Originally to be the never seen sketches of the development work for the Noah Series, these 'Doodles' have become just as popular. Loved by my children, they were inspired by the illustrations in books I read as a boy, such as those by E. H. Shepard and Quentin Blake.


Large Noah Prints

The early bird
On the bench

These First Edition prints are approximately 29.7cm by 42cm and can come framed or unframed, in various sizes.

Walking with Cassie

Smaller Noah Prints

Above are the Noah Doodle framing options


Noah The original Noah Doodle in this canvas effect print

Noah Collectors


The mini canvas effect doodle collection

The Noah Collectors Doodles are canvas effect prints that are the same size and look like the 3 by 3 inch original doodles.

The canvas effect doodles come in either a black or white frame


Have you seen the Noah Series?

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Noah Doodle 3x3 Originals 

These small 3 inch by 3 inch canvases come in a rustic frame and with an easel to sit on. Concept work for the wider series the artist has been known to give these as gifts to customers and charities. 

So keep an eye out for offers on our website and social media.